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It’s the hard, made simple

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Health & Safety

HardHat offers a mobile safety application with features like incident data capture as well as real-time health & safety incident management and reporting, helping you analyse health & safety data to improve compliance and reporting


Full-feature mobile app so that every worker to manage & access safety systems

Incident Management

Hazard and incident tracking so you can capture, prioritise and instantly escalate any incident.


Enable teams to collaborate on safety and build accountability. Assign approvals, get workflow notifications and communicate real-time via Chatter.

Immediate visibility

Real-time workflow notifications, reporting, and compliance.

Project Collaboration

HardHat helps keep projects on track and within costs by centralising project collaboration and making it easier to integrate different tools and applications like ERP, Project Management Tools and Excel. Handle multiple projects simultaneously, while learning from past projects’ analytics and reporting.

Centralise location

Reduce data lag and duplication and streamline coordination of toolbox meetings & site diaries.

Connected users

Share key project data across the team and automate common tasks by embedding workflow and processes.

Business alignment

Real-time workflow notifications, reporting, and compliance.

Project awareness

Securely share project information in real-time, create collaboration groups to share critical information, and share project status and updates to provide visibility.

Operations Management

HardHat improves day-to-day operations by centralising processes, communication and operational intelligence from various applications on one platform. Use reporting analytics to understand current and past operations, and develop benchmarks and KPIs to measure effectiveness.

Centralise & optimise operations

Build efficiency into daily tasks and manage resources more effectively by sharing operational performance in real-time.

Staff Productivity

Allocate resources, improve access to information and reduce unnecessary administration by automating common workflow and processes; improve access to information.

Asset Register and Management

Track assets at sites, inspect and manage assets, schedule maintenance and provide tools to improve service outcomes and reduce downtime.

Client & Stakeholder Management

Strengthen your Licence To Operate, improve day-to-day revenue operations and build trust with your external and internal stakeholders. Streamline communication and provide transparency around health & safety, operational intelligence and community engagement.

Strengthen Licence To Operate

Manage client and stakeholder communications, capture interactions to create business insights and build client profiles, and engage multiple stakeholders and community groups online.

Client Revenue Management

Centralise revenue, pipeline, bids & RFI’s and capture and track all client transactions across your business.

Projects & Operations Management

Get a single, secure view of clients’ projects and operations, manage day-to-day site and project operations, and automate common processes to improve productivity.

Reporting, Analytics & Collaborations

Collaborate on corporate and community initiatives, share detailed reports on clients, projects and revenue information and streamline data from multiple sources for better reporting and analysis.

Work safer, faster and smarter

Manage health & safety, projects, client & stakeholder relationships, and information governance – all in one place.

Purpose-built for your role and industry

Built for project & asset intensive industries: Resources, Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Transportation & Logistics.

Trusted & secure technology

We’ve partnered with Salesforce, the global leader in cloud-based technology to provide our customers a secure, flexible and scalable solution.

Experienced team

Led by an experienced team of industry experts & technology leaders, with a focus on Trust & Customer Success.

Local focus, global footprint

A dedicated Centre of Excellence in Perth, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Singapore, and Switzerland.

HardHat. The Hard Made Simple

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