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HardHat is built on the Salesforce Platform. Designed to handle complex operations in asset and project intensive industries.

Customers of Construction companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding. However, the sector has yet to adopt new digital tools and cloud platforms like other industries. Now there’s an opportunity for the Construction industry to accelerate their digital transformation to accommodate many of the workplace changes brought on by COVID-19. By addressing lower growth, sustained cost pressures, lower productivity and ongoing labour shortages, HardHat can help companies leapfrog over their competitors and maintain operational precision that is difficult to obtain with traditional systems.

HardHat Construction can:

Help meet project milestones by digitally connecting job sites, subcontractors and suppliers to make sure projects stay on schedule and meet new project timelines.

Increase project visibility by accessing multiple projects on-the-go with the availability of dynamic reports dashboards on a single, unified platform.

Enhance safety and collaboration by giving everyone a mobile application in their hands to instantly notify and collaborate on safety.

Improve profitability and reduce back-end office/system overheads by seamlessly capturing and classifying project data and site-based activities using mobile applications.

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The current health crisis has presented miners with new risks and opportunities. Mining organizations are having to redesign and quickly adapt to changing work patterns and procedures. There are significant challenges to overcome: teams are more distributed; workforce collaboration is hampered and data is not being collected and managed in a way that would best empower organizations.

But this once-in-a-generation disruption also presents miners an opportunity to look for new ways to drive efficiencies; automate real-time sharing of information and strengthen their Licence To Operate. Now is the time to look at how miners can innovate, adapt, and manage risks and impacts of future disruptive events.

HardHat Resources can:

Support all remote and field workers by putting safety in their hands with mobile access to safety systems, reporting and critical incident reporting and processes.

Strengthen Licence to Operate by improving the information value chain which has been limited to delayed, inaccurate and manual data collection and dissemination across all organizational levels.

Identify & address production bottlenecks quickly by using real-time reporting and data integration from all aspects of operations to improve decision-making and production outcomes.

Obtain better insights into key business processes and activities and generate new opportunities by leveraging benchmarks and KPIs to measure workforce and asset productivity, production and efficiency.

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Health & Safety

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With the industry undergoing constant and significant change, the usage of digital platforms has not extended far beyond the actual design process. In fact, in the past where there had been a reluctance to invest in technology, Engineering & Architecture companies now have little choice but to get ready for transformations and disruption bought on by working in more distributed team across multiple clients and projects.

Improving business processes and delivering the best outcomes for clients requires companies to capture actionable data, and embrace emerging digital technologies to secure a competitive advantage. The shift to work from home and a more mobile workforce means companies needs to relay more of new digital technologies to continue to deliver and manage client expectations. With Millennials and Gen Ys making up a substantial portion of the new workforce, the adoption of new technologies and innovation is now a significant factor in their choice of employer and workplace.

HardHat Engineering & Architecture can:

Aid collaboration in multi-disciplinary teams which improves project delivery and client outcomes by allowing for better communication across client sites and projects.

Enhance client engagement by nurturing client relationships, identifying new opportunities and improving cross-functional cooperation.

Provide easy access to quality information by integrating with legacy systems and allow for digital engagement and collaboration by all team members on client projects.

Improve business decision making by providing real-time reports on project status, client billings and business development initiatives.

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Client & Stakeholder Management

Project Management Staff

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HardHat Security Commitment

HardHat takes the privacy and security of our clients’ business data very seriously.

We use and follow industry best practices, including:

  • Security controls based on the ISO 27001 Information Security ManagementStandard;
  • Globally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard
  • Use of a secured encrypted channel, for all communication, ensuring that thetransmission of data between the computer/browser and the HardHat product is not compromised;
  • Compliance with the Australian and New Zealand privacy laws, including theAustralian Privacy Principles. For more details, please visit HardHat Limited Privacy Policy

HardHat Security Commitment

The HardHat application is natively developed and deployed on the Salesforce platform.

Being a 100% native application, HardHat inherits all of salesforce platform features, credentials, certifications and capabilities.

A full list of these capabilities can be found at the Salesforce Trust site.

There are three sections to this site which cover:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • System Status

HardHat and Salesforce are committed to maintaining a robust, comprehensive and transparent global privacy and security program. HardHat and Salesforce builds security into everything we do so businesses can focus on growing and innovating. Together, with our customers, HardHat and Salesforce treats security as a team sport – investing in the necessary tools, training, and support for everyone.

To report a security vulnerability, or for more information please contact legal@hardhat.com.