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It’s the hard, made simple

Experience a connected business with HardHat.

Why HardHat

Safety, productivity and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe the best-run businesses operate as one, so we bring together critical business intelligence about your people, operations and projects - all in one place.

By providing a unique combination of technology and consulting services, we are driven to create an industry-leading solution to give you a connected enterprise.

Part of a bigger meaning — Rhinos

The Southern White and Black African rhinoceroses are beautiful and rare animals facing a real threat of extinction. The team at HardHat is passionate about protecting the species for future generations. By choosing HardHat, you are having an indirect impact on assisting the fight to save Africa’s White and Black Rhinos.

Save the Rhino International is working to protect, conserve and increase the population of all five rhino species across Africa and Asia. Interestingly, the world's most critically endangered rhino species, the Sumatran and Javan rhinos, have fewer than 80 animals remaining in the wild. As partners of Save the Rhino International, HardHat will be helping to tackle the key threats of poaching and habitat loss, working towards a world where all five species of rhinos thrive in the wild for generations to come!

HardHat has recently partnered with The Australian Rhino Project by providing funding to support the relocation of ten White Rhinos from Thaba Manzi Wildlife Sanctuary (South Africa) to open plain facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Many of these rhinos will make Monarto Safari Park in South Australia, one of the world’s largest open range safari parks outside of Africa, their home.

In addition, HardHat is supporting the expansion of the Black Rhino facility at Monarto Safari Park as part of the Zoos South Australia Black Rhino Program to establish a breeding population of Black Rhinos. Black rhinos are even more endangered than White Rhinos.


The HardHat Executive Team

Exec 1 Tim Smith Chief Executive Officer
Bruce Daniel Bruce Daniel Chief Technology Officer
David Sinclair David Sinclair Chief Revenue Officer
Ceren Uyar Ceren Uyar Chief Strategy Officer
Rob Byrnes Rob Byrnes Chief Financial Officer

The HardHatter Culture

Founded by successful start-up veterans, enterprise technology leaders and industry experts; we are a rapidly growing team of doers and shakers, hungry for success. Change is constant at a fast-growing company like HardHat, but what will stay the same are our values. Through collaboration, transparency and accountability, we naturally shine and disrupt traditional conventions.

Our global team of HardHatters are smart, innovative and forward-thinking, just like our product. We’re a team that works hard and has an awesome time doing it. Our CEO considers HardHat to be like a rugby team, with a “work hard, play together” grit and mentality, so we hire according to culture fit, and all new HardHatters share the same principles.


The Locations

New Zealand

103 Carlton Gore Road
Auckland 1023
New Zealand

8 Stafford Street
Dunedin 9016
New Zealand


50 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

152 Exhibition Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

152 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000


71 Robinson Road
Singapore 068895


Quai de l’ile 13
CH-1204 Geneva

HardHat. The Hard Made Simple

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