The Hard Made Simple

Built on the Salesforce platform, HardHat makes your business run as one – Improve collaboration with your clients & stakeholders, streamline your operations, manage projects and enhance health & safety from one location.

HardHat keeps your business
running safer, faster, smarter.

Built on the Salesforce platform, HardHat helps you manage safety, people, operations and projects from one place.

HardHat allows you to create your very own construction cloud on Salesforce.

Ensure Employee Safety

Improve Project Collaboration

Streamline Operations

Increase profitability

The best-run businesses operate as one

Solutions Overview


Site & Operations Management

Connect office and site to improve productivity.


Client & Stakeholder Management

Strengthen client and contractor relationships to lower cost of delivery.


Project Collaboration

Centralize project information and track milestones in real-time.


Health & Safety

Put safety in everyone's hand: incident reporting, management and compliance.

A solution built for your industry

Leverage in-depth expertise from our consulting team

Stakeholder & business alignment

Help drive alignment across your teams with a business case and plan.

Transformation & Implementation

Packaged or bespoke services to meet your strategy vision and ROI objectives.

Change management

Help coordinate your people, organization and technology.

Centers of Excellence

Help you create “Centers of Excellence” across your organization.

Long-time advocates for Rhino conservation

Rhino conservation is an important part of HardHat’s purpose. By choosing HardHat, you are helping assist the fight to save Rhinoceroses for future generations. HardHat is a long-time supporter of Save The Rhino International; a proud cornerstone partner of The Australian Rhino Project, and exclusive major partner of Zoos South Australia’s Black Rhinos at Monarto Safari Park.